MEMBERS MEDICAL AID RULES  (Click Here to Download : Membership Medical Aid Rules)

The Bank shall have following categories of members


    (a) Ordinary Members 
        i) Active Members
       ii) Non Active Members

(b) Nominal Members

(c) Associate Members




(a)The full-fledged membership of the bank will be open to any employee of the Municipal Corporation of Greater  Mumbai  who is in the continuous service in a time scale and is competent to contract and he/she shall have any type of account with a minimum credit balance of Rs. 500/- may be admitted as a Ordinary Member.

(b) The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai can be a member of the Bank. 


No person shall be admitted as an ordinary member of the Bank except the  following namely :

(a) An individual, competent to contract under section 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872,

(b) Local authority

 iii No employee of the Bank shall be eligible to become ordinary member of the Bank. Existing employee member shall cease to be a member with immediate effect.
 iv No co-operative society shall be eligible to become member of the bank.
  (i) An applicant will be enrolled as an ordinary member upon fulfilling the following conditions if he :
             (a) Has applied in writing in the prescribed format.
             (b) Has paid admission fee of Rs.10/- or as may be stipulated by the Board of Directors from time to time and paid at least value of one share of the Bank.
             (c) Has fulfilled all other conditions laid down in the Act, the Rules and the Bye-laws.
  (ii) The Board of Directors or Sub-Committee to whom the Board of Directors has delegated the powers, approves the application to admit as a member.
  (iii) No person shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Bank if he :
             (a) Has not attained the age of 18 years,
             (b) Has been adjudged by a competent court to be an insolvent or an undischarged insolvent,
             (c) Has been sentenced for any offence, other than offence of a political character or an offence not involving moral turpitude and dishonesty and a period of 5 Years has not elapsed from the date of expiry of the sentence.
  (iv)     (a) Every individual member shall subscribe every month towards Compulsory Deposit Account from the salary, he earned from Municipal Corporation of Greater     Mumbai, a sum recommended by Board of Directors to Annual General Meeting and approved by Annual General Meeting from time to time. A member may be                 allowed to contribute at a higher rate at his will. 
              b) Every individual member shall sign and give to the bank an irrevocable authority addressed to the Municipal Commissioner to receive and pay to the bank ever month contribution to the Compulsory Deposits, loan installments and/or any other dues as may be intimated to the respective Heads of Departments and the Chief Accountant by the bank from time to time from the total emoluments payable to him.
              c) If individual member desires to subscribe at a higher rate than the one laid down above he may be allowed to do so beginning from any month and if individual member intends to discontinue such higher rate, he may be allowed to do so beginning from any month by giving a written notice to the bank..
              d) Insurance premia of individual member may be paid out of his Saving Bank Account/ Compulsory Deposit with the bank by debiting that account provided that     the member has agreed to accept Group Insurance or any other insurance policy and that he gives in writing to deduct from his salary such amount in addition to his usual Compulsory Deposit contribution as to fully cover the insurance premium.
               e) The balances in the Compulsory Deposit Account to his credit shall become payable on his ceasing to be a member of the bank.
                f) The rate of interest on Compulsory Deposit Account for the year shall be the average of the highest Term Deposit rate paid during the financial year. The member retiring or ceasing to be member before declaration of rate of interest in the next financial year shall be paid interest at the rate declared during preceding financial year. 
                 g) Interest on Compulsory Deposit shall be paid every year to members Saving Bank Account with our Bank.

 (v)  An application by a member for additional shares shall be in writing and duly singed by him. It shall be accompanied by the amount of the shares applied for and shall be considered by the board/powers delegated to Subcommittee at its next following meeting or as soon thereafter as may be practicable.
              a) The Board may decline to allot any additional shares or may allot a smaller number than that applied for.
              b) No member shall hold more than 250 shares of the bank.




“Active Member” means a person who has been admitted as an ‘Ordinary Member’ under the Bye-laws of the Bank and who compiles following Conditions 

(i) to attend at least one general body meeting in the previous five consecutive years and if member fails to attend the General Body, the General Body shall have power to condone the absenteeism

(ii) To utilize minimum level of services as provided in bylaw no 15 as following





The minimum level of services to become active member are prescribed below depending upon size of the Bank







Size of Bank

(Deposit in Cr. On the date of preparation of provisional list)

Minimum in Share Capital holding


& minimum deposits required


Or loan



Rs.500.00 Cr. & above






Proviso – I

Provided that a ‘Depositor’ means a ordinary member, who has been holding aggregate deposits (in all types of accounts including Compulsory Deposit Account) not less than the amount prescribed above for the continuous period of not less than one year in the Bank in his name




Provided that a ‘Borrower’ means an ordinary member, who is enjoying any type of sanctioned and availed credit facility of the Bank for continuous two years during the last five years.

 a Non Member person, who desire to borrow against his/her Term Deposit/ Compulsory Deposit with our Bank, as permitted by Reserve Bank of India may be enrolled as Nominal Member. His/her Nominal Membership shall cease on repayment of entire Bank loan.

No non member person shall be admitted as Nominal Member of the Bank unless :

(i) He/she has paid non refundable an enterance fee of Rs.100/- with the application for Nominal Member.

(ii) His/her application for nominal member is duly sanctioned by Board of Directors or powers delegated to Sub Committee/ Officer of the Bank

 c Board of Directors may revise entrance fee from time to time. 
  An employee of the Bank may be admitted as a nominal member & he will be entitled to various loan facilities and other schemes on merit sanction by the Board from time to time exclusively for employees.

Nominal Member shall not be entiltled :

(a) To receive a share certificate,
    (b) To receive audited accounts and annual report,
(c) To attend to participate and to vote in the General Meeting and / or Special General Meeting of the Bank,
    (d) To receive dividend and
    (e) To contest and vote in the election to the Board.
iv)   No Nominal Member shall be entitled to get loan except against the security of his/her Term Deposit/Compulsory Deposit and in case of bank employee nominal members as per the agreement/Board sanction. 
  Member should have completed one year Bank’s membership for availing the benefit of Medical Aid.
  Except for Cancer treatment Member should apply within one year from the date of treatment / Hospitalisation or operation / surgery, for getting medical aid.
  During the membership period, member will get medical aid twice for his own treatment and once for dependants.
  Member will get the medical Aid only for two children.
  Member should apply first to BMC for medical aid and attested zerox copy of said application must be attached with the application to bank.
  Following are the diseases considered for Medical Aid:
    1) Cardiac Emergency, Cerbal Wasculer, Pulmonary Emergency
    2) Hypertension
    3) Tetanus
    4) Diptheria
    5) Accident, Shock Syndrome, Cardiologic & Vascular
    6) Abortion
    7) Acute Abdominal pains/ Intestical Obstruction
    8) Severe Haemarrage
    9) Gastro – Interintis
    10) Typhoid
    11) Retinal Detachment in the Eye
    12) Genito – Urinary Emergency
    13) Gas Gangrine
    14) Foreign Body in Ear, Nose or Throat Emergency
    15) Congenital Anamolies requiring urgent surgical intervention
    16) Brain Tumor
    17) Apilepsy
    18) Acute Glaucoma
    19) Heart Surgery of Difficult Nature
    20) Brain Surgery
    21)  Heart Trasplantation surgery / medication
    22) Eye Retinal difficult surgery
    23) KIdney surgery/medication
    24) Difficult surgeries like Replacement of Hip / Disk and other bone fracture treatment / surgery.
    25) To fix up artificial valve in artery to eradicate improper blood circulation
    26) Paralysis
    27) Dialysis
    28) Coma
    29) Initial phase of psychic disease
    30) AIDS
    31) Burn (Above 30%)
    32) Gynaeclogical & obstetric Emergency medication/ surgery
  For Heart operation (Open Heart Surgery, Angioplasty), Kidney Transplantation surgery, Cancer, Bypass surgery member will get maximum of Rs.25,000/- and for other diseases mentioned in Rule No.6 member will get maximum  Rs.15,000/- as medical aid.
  For dependents maximum limit will be 20000/- for Heart operation (Open Heart Surgery, Angioplasty) Kidney transplantation, Cancer, Bypass Surgery & Rs.10000/- for other diseases.
  Bank will not consider applications for expenses below Rs.100000/- incase of member & below Rs.20,000/- for dependants in case of Heart operation (Open Heart Surgery, Angioplasty), Kidney transplantation, Blood Cancer, Bypass Surgery
  Bank will not consider the application for expenses below Rs.15000/- for member & expenses below Rs.10000/- for dependents for the disease mentioned in Sr.No.6
  Other than diseases / operation mentioned in Sr.No.6 & 7 if Municipal Corporation Sanctions medical aid to members then he should apply within 6 months form the date of sanction of medical aid by Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai.
  a)  In case of cancer the treatment is required to be given for prolong period and hence the expenses incurred from the date of starting of treatment even though the bills are of prior to one year period , will be considered for sanction of Medical Aid.
    b) In case of other diseases / operations expenses bills should be of within one year period.
  The benefit of medical aid will be given to family members i.e. Husband/ Wife two dependant children, dependant brother/ sister/ mother/ father or father-in-law/ mother-in-law. Incase of married female member either father/ mother or mother-in-law/ father-in-law as declared with Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai as dependants are eligible to get medical.
  Member should have completed 5 years membership of Bank.
  Member will get the actual financial loss or Rs. 10000/-  or whichever is less as per the availability of fund.
bullet   If member rxpires due to accidental death during office hours Rs. 25000/-
bullet   If the building where the member is residing collapses and the member expires or is injured Rs. 20000/-
  Financial loss by Natural Calamity.
  Loss occurred by Fire or Communal Riots.
bullet   Termination from services of BMC due to prolong illness or incapacitation.
bullet   Accidental Death of a member on duty while in service.


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